Many of you don’t know me because I’m usually “the gal behind the curtain”. I’m the sound tech. who makes these guys sound so good! (just kidding).  Each one of the guys are very talented in playing, writing & singing and I am just so privileged to be part of this band. I am also married to the drummer, Doug. We’ve been married going on 31 years and we have 3 wonderful children, grown, all of which know Jesus. The Band is an extension of our family! I watched all of our kids all grow up together. We have experienced some of them getting married and having their own kids.

I have been a sound tech for almost 20 years. I started out in my church when the sound guy resigned from his position. I was “thrown” behind the sound console and was asked to “do what you can”. So I learned by trying to fix lots of strange noises and turning all kinds of buttons trying to keep everything under control. This was frustrating to me because I could “hear” things that shouldn’t be and didn’t know how to fix it.  I have very sensitive ears, which is a tremendous help for a sound tech (as long as I am running the sound), and all you sound techs out there know what I’m saying. So I began reading & trying to figure out all this new stuff. Along the way, fortunately, very fortunately, I was able to work with a few “real sound techs” that knew, and taught me a lot about sound and how it all works. Through the years I think I have most of it figured out. I owe these sound techs a lot! THANKS GUYS!!

I started running the sound for the Boogie Band in 1994 and continue to do so. These guys are fortunately, easy to work with. They usually listen to what I say which is a tremendous help as far as making them sound their best. Sometimes we do not need to take our sound system because it is provided. This is always an adventure. Makes me think of Forest Gump when he says, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”.  So true. We've had a few "surprises" along the way.

My main priority with the band is to ALWAYS be able to hear our lyrics. If you can’t hear the lyrics, then you’re just hearing another good band. We believe that God has has put this band together to minister through our music and lyrics.  We thank our God for allowing us to use our talents to do his ministry. He is an AWESOME GOD! 

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