About Us

This is the unique ministry of four men known as
Since 1991, The Band has been bringing the message of the "Good News" in a variety of venues. Originally just good friends putting together some songs to fill in for a band that canceled doing an outdoor concert, God brought together and continued to mold THE FULL GOSPEL BOOGIE BAND into a unique ministry that is well received by people of all ages. The Band is well known for the sound of their classic rock parodies that have had their lyrics sanctified and is a mixture of
    The Blues Brothers, ZZ Top,The Stones,          
Cream, Hank Williams, Jr,
Lynyrd Skynyrd, well, you get the idea.
The group also performs original songs with an upfront, uncompromising gospel message.They have performed at such festivals as "Lambjam" in Delaware and have appeared at the popular "Fishnet" festival in Virginia. At these festivals,they have prepared the audience and started the "party" for such acts as Phillips, Craig and Dean, Dana Key, Julie Miller, Kathy Troccoli and many more. The band has made several television appearances seen all over the world on networks including Sky Angel and the Inspirational Network. Each of the members bring more than 30 years of experience playing various genres of music all over the East Coast. The four members of the group represent four local churches in the southern Pennsylvania/Northern Maryland area. Each member of the group is involved in various ministries within their local church.

Jeff Maus - bass guitar & vocals

John Pepsin - guitar, harmonica & vocals

Dan Tesch - Guitar & Vocals

Ray Remmers - keyboards & vocals (Ray is now walking with Jesus in Heaven)

Doug Briscoe - drums

Diana Briscoe - Sound tech.


The band uses Fender, Haywire, Nash, Bowler Bro's and Gibson guitars,
Fender, Dr Z & Peavey amplifiers, More effect pedals than we can list, Telex wireless, Lee Oskar harmonicas, Tama & Premiere Drums, Zildjian cymbals,
Hammond, Yahama & Kurzweil keyboards
which we all bought with our own hard-earned money.

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